Endless Night is a supernatural comedy multimedia project started by LIZM in November 2015 spanning comics, short stories, music, and countless concepts waiting to be turned into reality. The project’s canon storyline is told in the same-titled webcomic which is currently in its tenth chapter. If you’re new to the series, it is recommended to start by reading the webcomic before moving on to any spin-offs you’re interested in:

  • Short stories expanding on the setting’s lore
  • Ghost Anatomy, a 4 panel comic set in an alternate universe
  • Endless Night: Deadweight Loss, an upcoming audio drama
  • …check back for more spin-offs that are currently a work in progress!

Originally started by one person, the project soon began being shaped by its fans: the Discord server has frequent brainstorming sessions, the main cast was given voice actors, Twitter votes influence artworks – in many ways, it has become a community project. If you enjoy the story, it would mean a lot if you supported us: you can make a huge difference by joining our community, sharing via social media, contributing fanwork or pledging as little as $1 on the Patreon page.