Main characters

Aurora Rondeau
★ Born October 31 ★ Voiced by Bindy Coda

The troubled protagonist in every universe the group ends up in. Owns a funeral home and will gladly design your personal tombstone. The sooner, the better. Never learned the difference between morgues and playgrounds and should probably not be messed with. Constantly surrounded by idiots and it’s not like she accepts being around them because they’re her friends or anything. That would be ridiculous.

Hitoe Naritomo
★ Born November 1 ★ Voiced by KujiraShonen

The killer always returns to the scene of the crime. Not this guy, though; he’s so innocent his middle name should be “I didn’t do it” because anything else would be waaay too obvious. Notoriously in love with himself, addicted to selfies and social media and just overall a real pain in the ass to be around…if it weren’t for karma constantly providing excellent entertainment.

Marian Rietsveld
★ Born September 9 ★ Voiced by Michelle Marie

The straight-A student who’s in love with a serial killer because he’s a serial killer. Equally trained in being an angel who must be protected at all costs and making you reconsider daring to breathe the same air as Hitoe. Leave it to her to put the “sin” in sweet, sweet cinnamon rolls. Seeing her cry makes people feel so bad her tears might just have the power to bring world peace. Too bad she’s not interested.

Viktor Goldberg
★ Born December 24 ★ Voiced by Kanono

The money-hungry ghost who will never give you a break for being a “bloody mortal.” Does not respond well to people pointing out he’s willingly spending time among said bloody mortals. Is actually kind of a loser because no one is really scared of him. May, against all odds, take a liking to you if you prove your worth to the economy…I’m sorry, deaconomy.

Support characters