And we’re back.

After such a long hiatus, a new promotional illustration was in order!

Now let’s get right to the interesting part.

1) On May 31st, the remaining pages of Chapter 9X will be released.
And from now on, comic updates will be full chapters. There’s no particular schedule besides “I want to update as much as I can”; I’ll let you know in advance once there’s a release date for the next chapter.

2) The audio drama series Endless Night: Deadweight Loss is officially in production.
The script, music and the largest part of the voice recording for the first short introduction skit are completed. Onto the art, SFX and mixing!

3) The Second Music Collection has been released.
You can listen to it here on Bandcamp. Highlights include a pain(t)ball theme, stuff you’ll hear in the audio drama and pretty much every track on it, actually. This collection is free to listen to just like the first one but if you can, please consider supporting our wonderful composer Noyemi!

I’ll continue working on minor website updates for now. The new about page is already up, for instance.

It’s good to be back. Thank you all for your support!