[Blog] Flashback! Children’s Festival – Event Results

Hi everyone,

the May event has come to an end and all goals were met once again. Thank you so much!

EN: Flashback! Children’s Festival

Congrats to the winners! Please contact me with your request for a sketch. As stated in the event post, I’ll draw an original character of yours or an EN character of your choice.

The votes in this event determined the remaining event duos:
June: Aim for the top! Gaming Festival — featuring Hitoe & Viktor
July: Beaches are fun even without the sun, right? — featuring Aurora & Marian
August: Night Heat! Summer Fireworks — featuring Viktor & Marian

The May event story will be released this weekend. Due to my finals in the last week of May, the start of the next event will most likely be delayed for a few days.

As always, thank you very much for your support.