[Blog] March Event: Vernal Equinox Festival 2016

After being voted the most popular characters in the previous event, Aurora and Hitoe are in charge of the next one! Hitoe explains the annual Vernal Equinox Festival to Aurora, but she’s…less than enthusiastic about Rivlaingean traditions.

This time, you can collect festival tickets using the Gleam widget below for a chance to win art of a character of your choice* and to unlock an event-exclusive short story featuring the event duo! Increase your chances by collecting daily tickets!
* an original character of yours or an Endless Night character.

Check out the reward tiers below for more details, and have fun! The success of this event, among other things, will influence future events, so feel free to contact me anytime for questions or suggestions.

EN: Vernal Equinox Festival 2016

Short story parts

Unlocking the short story is a community effort–if three people claim the free daily ticket for a week, that’s already 21 tickets contributing to the amount of total tickets!

25+ total tickets are needed for the intro; 100+ for part 1; 200+ for part 2; 500+ for part 3; 750+ for part 4 and 1000+ for the final part. The story parts will be posted on the website if the goals are met.

Amount of winners
The amount of winners to receive an art request from me depends on the total number of people joining the event. By default, one winner will be picked; if 20+ people join there will be 2 winners; 50+ people joining will result in 3 winners and if 150+ people join, 5 winners will be picked.

Art prize tier
Not only will collecting as many tickets as possible increase your chances of winning, but you’ll also receive better prizes! If you’re picked as a winner, your number of collected tickets will decide whether you receive a sketch (1+ tickets), a colored sketch (20+), a lineart drawing (50+) or a fully colored drawing (80+).