Marian’s Birthday 2016 — Results

September has come to an end and Marian has received the cutest words of encouragement and birthday wishes! Prizes have been upgraded to match future contests–all three winners may now choose freely whether they want the Marian pillow, the Marian sticker set or a digital drawing of one character of their choice.

“You are the best! I love the way you smile and how much you care for your friends. You may appear weak, but I know how strong you really are.”

This month, our winners are Phenylketonurics, Pooki and Dani Mato! Congrats!

While I’m trying to find a nicer way to display fanwork on the website, please stay tuned for the October contest starring Aurora, starting on October 3rd! Check out the Redbubble shop to see some of the new merchandise you can win this time. (By the way, other than the letter writing part, the ‘classic’ way of joining events will be returning as well!)

As merchandise creation and contests are largely covered by Patreon earnings, I would highly appreciate it if you considered pledging–even small amounts make a huge difference. As always, thank you all so much for reading Endless Night.