[Blog] Redbubble Shop

Hi guys,

I recently made a Redbubble account to start my EN merchandise shop. There’s s not much to see yet, but if you like Fatbat, it may be worth taking a look!

I’ve already gotten a lot of great merchandise suggestions, but please do feel free to keep them coming! Suggestions for printing options other than Redbubble are also more than welcome. Please keep in mind that things like plushies and figures are way out of my league as they’ll require pretty intense Kickstarter campaigns, so I’ll keep working hard to hopefully be able to get those Fatbat plushies to you guys eventually!

My markup on Redbubble is set to 1% for everything to keep the merchandise as cheap as possible. I’m working as hard as I can while balancing the comic, exams and freelance work to hopefully start the monthly merchandise giveaways soon as well.

As always, thank you very much for your support!