[Blog] Rivlainge Gaming Festival — June Event

Hitoe and Viktor were the readers’ favorites during the previous event, so here they are, ready to present the Rivlainge Gaming Festival! (Or at least Hitoe is. Viktor just kind of goes along with it.)

As usual, collect entries using the Gleam widget below to unlock the event story and win prizes.

EN: Rivlainge Gaming Festival

Short story parts: unlocked as a community effort; the total amount of tickets collected determines whether the story will be added to the writing category or not. This month’s goal is 1,500 entries.

Art requests: out of all the participants, three random winners will be selected to receive a sketch of a character of their choice (an original or EN character). Collect as many entries as possible to increase your chances!

Have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.