[Blog] Vernal Equinox Festival event results

Hi everyone!

The Vernal Equinox Festival event has come to an end and the 1,000 ticket goal was overshot by over 300. Thank you guys so much for participating!

EN: Vernal Equinox Festival 2016
51 people participated, so 3 winners were chosen! Congrats to you guys, these are your prizes:

Kyushu Million (79 tickets) – lineart drawing
Echo (70 tickets) – lineart drawing
Madison Kay (100 tickets) – fully colored drawing

Please contact me with your request. (As stated in the event post, I’ll draw an original character of yours or an EN character of your choice.) Please also contact me if you want someone else to have the prize in your stead.

As part of the event, a lot of you submitted suggestions and I’m very grateful for them! The majority of you wanted more details on the characters and the setting–the backstories will be covered in the comic eventually (a lot of them in the first Trial, in fact), as well as other details, and additional information/lore is also provided in event stories. Since you collected enough tickets, the first short story will be added to the website soon and others can be unlocked in future events.

Other suggestions included little changes/additions to the website and how events work, and I’ll see what can be done about those. More art and merchandise were also suggested; as much as I want these to happen too, my drawing time is completely occupied with the comic and commissions, and merchandise currently depends entirely on the support I get on Patreon. At the $75 milestone I can start making merchandise and host additional monthly giveaways, so if that’s something you’d like to see, please consider chipping in a dollar. It really adds up and you can grab a bunch of extras too.

Aurora and Viktor will be featured as the main characters for the April event: Bat Appreciation Day! They won with a total of 20 votes. Second place went to Aurora and Marian with 11 votes, and third place (Viktor and Hitoe) was close behind with 10 votes. You’ll get to vote for the May duo again, so if your preferred duo didn’t win, they’ll have a better chance next time as both Aurora/Hitoe and Aurora/Viktor won’t be included in the voting anymore!

As always, thank you all so much for your support. I hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming Endless Night updates as well.