Translation updates

While there’s lots of planning going on in the background, the Japanese and German versions of Endless Night have been updated. [ Japanese | 日本語 ]  第2話:リスクと理由 [ German | Deutsch ] Kapitel 2: risks & reasons | Kapitel 3: at first sight (also available on Animexx) My gratitude for … | Read More


Audio Drama Release Date

Hi guys! Great news today. The first episode of the audio drama series Endless Night: Deadweight Loss will be released on June 19! If you don’t wanna wait, it’s already available for early access on Patreon. Follow the new EN SoundCloud account so you won’t miss the official release!


Chapter 9X release

It’s heeeeeeeeeere! You can now read the entirety of Chapter 9X on MediBang or just the latest update on LINE Webtoons or Tapas. From now on, MediBang gets updates first which means the comic will be updated in entire chapters. Please stay tuned for the next chapter’s release date. While … | Read More


And we’re back.

After such a long hiatus, a new promotional illustration was in order! Now let’s get right to the interesting part. 1) On May 31st, the remaining pages of Chapter 9X will be released. And from now on, comic updates will be full chapters. There’s no particular schedule besides “I want … | Read More

hitomari VA (2)

Voice Actor Announcement

Late last year, I had a casting call looking for voice actors for the main characters of Endless Night. I’m happy to announce that the casting process has come to an end and work on audio projects can begin soon! Please look forward to the voice actors’ contributions to EN … | Read More