Hitoe’s Birthday Event 2016

As the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, the scare from Aurora’s spooky birthday party isn’t quite over yet–because it looks like a certain serial killer is celebrating his birthday next… Event duration: November 1st ~ November 22nd Event type: Fanwork contest + Ticket raffle Prizes: Any one item from the … | Read More


Aurora’s Birthday Event 2016

Halloween is the most important day of the year–it’s the princess’ birthday! Once again, the group needs your help to prepare a special birthday surprise… Letter Contest Write a letter directed at Aurora to wish her a happy birthday! If you’re feeling extra creative, you may also include pictures, audio, … | Read More


October 2016 Major Site Update

Hi guys! I’m still in the middle of updating a few details, but here’s a quick rundown of what’s new: Endless Night is back from hiatus with a Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri schedule Ghost Anatomy, a 4koma spin-off, launched today. The September contest ended. The October contest will begin tomorrow, October 3rd. The … | Read More