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Voice Actor Announcement

Late last year, I had a casting call looking for voice actors for the main characters of Endless Night. I’m happy to announce that the casting process has come to an end and work on audio projects can begin soon! Please look forward to the voice actors’ contributions to EN … | Read More


Hitoe’s Birthday Event 2016

As the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, the scare from Aurora’s spooky birthday party isn’t quite over yet–because it looks like a certain serial killer is celebrating his birthday next… Event duration: November 1st ~ November 22nd Event type: Fanwork contest + Ticket raffle Prizes: Any one item from the … | Read More


Aurora’s Birthday Event 2016

Halloween is the most important day of the year–it’s the princess’ birthday! Once again, the group needs your help to prepare a special birthday surprise… Letter Contest Write a letter directed at Aurora to wish her a happy birthday! If you’re feeling extra creative, you may also include pictures, audio, … | Read More


October 2016 Major Site Update

Hi guys! I’m still in the middle of updating a few details, but here’s a quick rundown of what’s new: Endless Night is back from hiatus with a Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri schedule Ghost Anatomy, a 4koma spin-off, launched today. The September contest ended. The October contest will begin tomorrow, October 3rd. The … | Read More