Hitoe’s Birthday Event 2016: Results

The gang is finally done cleaning up the crime scene…I mean, Hitoe’s apartment after his birthday party (well, same thing, really) so now it’s time to announce the winners!

The winners of the fanwork contest are Ash23 (mini comic + letter) and Shirley H. (fanfic), and the winner of the ticket raffle is Alexander S. I’ll be e-mailing the winners shortly as well as updating some parts of the website such as the fanwork section. (I’ve been sick and the college/uni application period is about to start here so I need some time to catch up on everything.)

Thanks so much to everyone who joined Hitoe’s birthday celebration! The upcoming chapter is all about his back story so I hope you’ll be looking forward to it. Don’t forget that the anniversary event is running until December 22, so don’t miss this chance to vote for Hitoe win a cameo appearance in the comic or merchandise!