Translation updates

While there’s lots of planning going on in the background, the Japanese and German versions of Endless Night have been updated.

[ Japanese | 日本語 ]  第2話:リスクと理由
[ German | Deutsch ] Kapitel 2: risks & reasons | Kapitel 3: at first sight (also available on Animexx)

My gratitude for the Japanese translation goes to the MediBang team who are doing a fantastic job adapting the style of writing into a language so different from English. As is always the case with translations and localizations, some nuances will be lost whereas new ones will be gained. To those of you with knowledge of the Japanese language, I absolutely recommend checking out the translation to see everyone’s speech patterns including Viktor speaking in Kansai dialect. (A long-time dream of mine, finally fulfilled…!)

And to all the (comic) artists and (light) novel writers out there, I’d like to recommend MediBang, a company based in Japan working very hard to support artists/writers worldwide with their partner program and lots of contests. Maybe I’ll see one of you guys in the list of partners one of these days…! ♪ If you’ve already joined or decide to join, throw a friend request at me! And if you need any help using the site, I’d be glad to provide assistance.

As for the German translation, I’m working on it all by myself and although I keep running into little things that bother me, I’m having a lot of fun with it. Aurora’s dialogue is probably my favorite part to write. (Although these days I tend to speak more English and Japanese than German, I think her lines sound a lot like me. lol) I apologize for the delays and hope that my German-speaking readers enjoy the translation even though I assume most speak decent English as well.

If you think native speakers of other languages would enjoy the comic as well and you’re interested in translating it, please let me know!