Voice Actor Announcement

Late last year, I had a casting call looking for voice actors for the main characters of Endless Night. I’m happy to announce that the casting process has come to an end and work on audio projects can begin soon! Please look forward to the voice actors’ contributions to EN and also support their other work! Check the short clips below for samples of their in-character voices.

Aurora will be voiced by Bindy Coda.  | @codeblackhayate | Website

Viktor will be voiced by Kanono. | @PuddleKanono | YouTube

Hitoe will be voiced by KujiraShonen. | @KujiraShonen | YouTube

Marian will be voiced by Amree. | @MichelleMariVA | YouTube

Join us on the Discord server for less than sane text and voice chats, update notifications and brainstorming sessions. I’m moving tomorrow so my life’s still rather hectic but I’m doing my best to keep you updated.