Assorted short stories

These short stories are set in an alternate Rivlainge where the Endless Night is present but harmless. They are not part of a specific timeline and primarily serve as a way to expand on the setting’s lore.

Vernal Equinox Festival
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Now that the nation is kept under an eternal night sky, though, it’s hard to gauge the festival’s exact date. More importantly, is there still a point in celebrating it when daytime hours don’t exactly exist any longer?

Bat Appreciation Day!
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There’s no Bat Appreciation Day in Rivlainge. It’s not that bats are unpopular. But if even the national animal—the cat—doesn’t get an appreciation day, why would bats get one?

Flashback! Children’s Festival
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Neither Hitoe nor Marian remember their childhood days particularly fondly, but Destiny seems to have a very specific plan for them this year…